Every design choice we make, every platform we use and every partnership we nurture is chosen for a reason.

We're a principled company of ethical people seeking like-minded clients. We ask ourselves three questions to guide every decision we make.


Can we make it better?

We love working with small businesses (we're a small business ourselves!). We know that means budgets can be tight, and that each purchase you make, or project you contract, is a meaningful investment. We're not in the business of making empty promises. If your design or content needs can be met with a simple, inexpensive solution, we'll tell you. If we're not the right fit for the job you need done, we'll help you do it yourselves, or recommend someone awesome who we're certain can give you exactly what you need.

Can we make it easier?

Design is an art, and we've refined our expertise with years of training and experience. But digital marketing, content creation and web design have multiple points of entry. If your needs are simple, there are great (often free!) tools available that make it easy for us to collaborate transparently. We could code complex Wordpress sites and leave you on the hook to hire us anytime you need to make a simple change or update; instead, we use Squarespace exclusively, and include a free site management tutorial in our development packages. If it's easier for use to handle site maintenance, content creation & scheduling or anything else you want off your plate, we've got you. If you want to be more hands-on, we welcome that, too.

Can we help each other?

We've never had a client who didn't impress us with great business ideas, valuable industry experience or game-changing insights into business (or just life!). We love what we do, but we love to learn, too. We're always open to cool opportunities for partnership, skill-sharing or bartering. Got an idea for a way we could work together? Let's chat!